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Category: Manufacturing SIC:
Detail: Mfg-Plastic Products Price: $2,500,000
County: Down: $2,250,000
State/Prov.: TX Adj Net: $450,000
Country: USA Sales: $1,450,000
Relocatable No Home based No Franchise No Lender pre-qualified No
The Company is a well-established specialty automotive accessory manufacturer operating in Dallas, Texas, offering unique, multi-patented products to automobile owners. Established in 2007, the business has an average sales growth of ~23% since inception with total lifetime sales of $8,000,000+. The Company owns 7 U.S. Patents and 3 internationally registered trademarks and maintains trademark licensing agreements with 3 of the top automotive manufacturers in the world: General Motors, Ford Motor Company and Chrysler Fiat/Mopar. Initially targeted to convertible automotive owners, new products have been developed that allow market expansion to potentially ALL AUTOMOBILES.

The founder˘ invention is a wind deflecting device for convertible autos, called WindRestrictorn, that a) reduces wind turbulence inside the seating area and b) is a styling modification to help owners personalize their vehicles. The wind reduction provides a more pleasurable top down driving experience. The styling aspect of the product combines laser branded graphics and lighting technology inside the glass giving the product an almost iber opticűlighting effect. Beginning in 2019, the Company adapted their technology to expand into other markets, including non-convertible automobiles, with a product called ulow Plateű

Highlights include: 1) Highly scalable in current and new markets, 2) Patented products not owned by any other company, 3) Products are unique in the industry, 4) Patented products are trusted and proven as the industry standard, 5) Well-known, trusted and recognized trademark name, 6) 20,000+ current installed base, 7) Product sells itself, 8) Products are early in their patent life, 9) 20+ active Distributors, in the USA, Canada, and Europe, 10) Numerous domain names related to trademark name are included, 11) Company˘ on-line retail site.

95% of revenues are online sales, with over 80% being direct to consumer. Average sale is approximately $380. Sales are strong year-round with peak sales typically occurring during spring months. The Company also sells through approximately 20 active Dealers in the USA, Europe, Canada that account for 15-20% of annual sales. NOTE: 2021 YTD Sales are ~35% ahead of prior year and 2021 YTD EBITDA is 64% ahead of prior year.

The Company has continued to invest in equipment, personnel and systems. The business has EXCELLENT CLEAN BOOKS & RECORDS. The owner estimates that the business is operating at approximately 20% capacity and can be quickly scaled. The company is a profitable business with rapid growth potential. The top 10 customers account for approximately 15% of revenue.

Other than SEO and related online advertising, the company does no significant outside advertising. The company also receives repeat business and referrals from its 20,000+ installed customer base and 40,000+ social media followers. The owner feels that the business could significantly increase profits and sales by rapidly expanding the product line both to convertibles and hard-top cars/trucks.

The Company had initially used a guerrilla marketing effort to build sales by demonstrating the product and attending trade shows. During the past several years, the Company has developed an extensive dealer network, a company website and a professional video/literature collection of product demonstration, training and tips/tricks. The company now has sufficient critical mass to be added to existing product lines and sold by a national sales team. The product line can be easily added to an existing company without any additional sales staff. The products sell themselves and the Company is willing and able to train the Purchaser˘ salesforce. A new, strategic owner can SIGNIFICANTLY increase sales & profits in many ways including: 1) cross-sell with other automotive accessories leveraging the well-known, recognized trademark name, 2) add product to a national or international distribution network, 3) continue releasing new products based on top-selling automotive models, 4) continue Glow Plate expansion into non-convertibles especially coupes, hard tops and trucks.

Employees: The business operates with 6 experienced, reliable part-time employees. Three average 30-35 hours and three average 16-20 hours per week. All employees are aware of the potential sale and plan to remain. The hourly team runs all aspects of the business including sales calls, technical support, customer service relationships, and producing every product from start to finish, equipment maintenance and cleanliness of the building.

The Operations Manager has been with the Company since 2017 and is responsible for oversight, design and control of production and business operations. Additionally, the Company maintains contract relationships with expert graphic artists, webmasters, marketing gurus, & professional engineers.

The price for the assets of the business is $2,500,000. The seller will consider $250,000 seller-financing to a qualified Purchaser qualified/approved by the Seller. Seller prefers to sell for ALL CASH. All financing is to be personally guaranteed. The assets include inventory at cost of $50,000, Accounts Receivables valued at $1,000, FFEV (Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment and Vehicles) valued at $100,000, 7 US patents, 3 internationally registered trademarks. The price will be adjusted for actual inventory and accounts receivables as of the sale date.

NOTE: The sale of a business is confidential and discreet; PLEASE DO NOT VISIT THE BUSINESS OR SPEAK WITH ANY EMPLOYEES. We know about many businesses that are for sale but might not be advertised. Check out for more information and consider registering your criteria as a purchaser.

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Facilities:The business operates from ~5,329 SF production and office space in an upscale industrial/office location along a major highway for ~$3,789/month. The facility has significant room for expansion with much underused space; the owner estimates that the existing business could be easily operated from 2,500 SF. The existing layout consists of lobby/showroom, front office/reception, large conference room, 2 offices, break area, 2 restrooms, large open production area, CNC cutting/manufacturing/storage area, installation bay and 2 grade level overhead doors.

Competition:The automotive accessory industry is very competitive. There are very few companies competing in the Company˘ market for convertible car wind deflectors (estimated at <10). However, competitors cannot violate the Company˘ 7 patents and do not have Trademark agreements with the Big 3 (Ford, GM, Chrysler). Competitors generally lack customization and have inferior aesthetics/quality/performance. Despite the presence of competitors, the Company has thrived & grown and possesses SIGNIFICANT scalability/growth for a new owner.

Growth & Expansion:The company does no significant outside advertising other than website, SEO and SEO-related advertising. The company has grown at a profitable pace with little marketing effort. The Company used a grass roots, guerrilla marketing effort to build sales by attending trade shows and demonstrating the product. Virtually no direct or mass marketing has occurred. The company uses 20+ dealers in America/Europe and supports them only though general contact. The company does not use sales staff, manufacturersűrepresentatives or other contractors. A new, strategic owner can SIGNIFICANTLY increase sales & profits in many ways including: 1) Cro
A/R: Real Estate: $
Inventory: $46,000.00 Other Assets: N/A
FF&E: $100,000.00 Total Assets: N/A
Leasehold: $ Included: N/A

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