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The Union Bay Group is here to list your business for sale and then get it sold.  We can also help you find a business to buy and then help you buy it.

What the Union Bay Group will do for you:

Marketing your business for sale is more than a posting your listing on the internet.  Finding the right business for you to purchase takes more than searching the internet. 

Let's face it, there is a lot of "garbage" on the web and you don't want to be at the mercy of it.  Your buyer may not come across your listing.  Your buyer may not even know how to find a business like yours. The business you want to buy may not even be listed. 

Using a targeted marketing plan designed specifically for you - the Union Bay Group will confidentially introduce your opportunity to multiple qualified potential buyers or sellers in a multitude of ways.

The Union Bay Group prepares and packages businesses for sale. We qualify and screen potential buyers or sellers. We work to ensure the reviewing and buying of a businesses is as clean and easy as possible. We will protect your confidentiality, time, client list and trade secrets until the appropriate time.

Selling or buying a business could take up to a year. You will be happy to find out that the Union Bay Group has the professionalism, process, endurance and enthusiasm to keep things moving forward and manage the issues that arise. We work well with your buyers or sellers, other brokers, accountants, attorneys and lenders to ensure everyone gets what they need.

The Union Bay Group does everything we can to get you the big closing check or the keys to your new business acquisition. This is when you go on to do whatever it is you want to do next!

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