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Buy a Business


Making the decision to buy a business is exciting! There are hundreds of businesses to choose from. Take some time to consider your passions, your expertise, and your financial considerations and objectives.  Please review our listings to see if you are interested in learning more.  You can also retain the Union Bay Group to help you in the process will open up opportunities to acquisition targets that you would not normally receive.

Since 2006, Union Bay Group has been helping buyers through the process of reaching out to both listed and unlisted acquisition targets, qualifying acquisition targets, buyer/seller meetings, negotiations, offers, due diligence, working with lenders, CPA’s and attorneys.

Using a targeted marketing plan designed specifically for you - the Union Bay Group will confidentially market to potential sellers in a multitude of ways.  

Buying a business could take up to a year. You will be happy to find out that the Union Bay Group has the professionalism, process, endurance, and enthusiasm to keep things moving forward and manage the issues that arise. We work well with sellers, other brokers, accountants, attorneys, and lenders to ensure everyone gets what they need.

Business brokerage is a fragmented industry – it is not organized like real estate is. Most every broker has a different process. We would love to meet with you to discuss our process and learn more about your objectives.

Sell Your Business FAQs

Make sure you have the desire, finances, and experience. Go to business listing websites such as BizBuySell and look at listings that may be of interest to you. 

Unless you can pay cash, know that lenders will probably want you to demonstrate that you could run the business – meaning P&L and industry experience. Employees and landlords will want this too. Know that your professional experience may or may not transfer to another industry.

Put your financial and professional qualifications together to present to a seller and/or their broker.

Typically, a listing broker can guide you through the process with a listed business. You probably also need to engage a CPA and an attorney at the offer stage. 

The time to hire a broker is when you don’t want to scour business listing websites, if you want to reach out to a non-listed business that meets your search criteria or if you want representation when working with a listing broker. 

Also, business owners are more likely to share confidential information with a broker hired by a serious buyer than an induvial who could appear to be a “tire kicker.”

We will help you put your qualifications together, find listed and un-listed businesses that meet your criteria, and manage the process for you working with other brokers, CPA’s, lenders, offers, attorneys, valuations, etc.

Yes, but not all co-brokers do. We can help with this process as well.

This depends on where you are in the process. Please contact us for a complimentary conversation.

A business can be listed by anyone without any verification. Some folks list a business using any numbers they want to see what will happen. We can ferret through this for you as well as qualify listings. This will keep you fresh to dive into acquisition opportunities that are a good fit for your time and energy.

Please contact us for a complimentary consultation.

Let’s schedule a call.

Our purpose is to help you sell your business or buy a business, period. We are professional, disciplined, and focused on you and your business objectives. We meet you where you’re at. Get started by scheduling a complimentary call to talk your goals and next steps.