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Sell Your Business


Making the decision to sell your business is a pretty big deal that is normally triggered by a life event: retirement, moving, personal situations, or you just want to do something different. 

Since 2006, Union Bay Group has been helping sellers through the process of pricing, confidentially marketing, qualifying buyers, buyer/seller meetings, negotiations, offers, due diligence, and working with lenders, CPA’s and attorneys.

The Union Bay Group prepares and packages businesses for sale. Using a targeted marketing plan designed specifically for you - we will confidentially introduce your opportunity to qualified potential buyers in a multitude of ways.  We qualify and screen potential buyers. We work to ensure the reviewing and buying of a business is as clean and easy as possible. We will protect your confidentiality, time, client list, and trade secrets until the appropriate time.

Selling a business could take up to a year. You will be happy to find out that the Union Bay Group has the professionalism, process, endurance, and enthusiasm to keep things moving forward and manage the issues that arise. We work well with your buyers or sellers, other brokers, accountants, attorneys, and lenders to ensure everyone gets what they need.

Business brokerage is a fragmented industry – it is not organized like real estate is. Most every broker has a different process. We would love to meet with you to discuss our process and learn more about your business and objectives.

Sell Your Business FAQs

Our commitment to you is that we only work with qualified buyers. Prior to your business disclosure, we get signed NDA’s, financial statements, and professional profiles. Potential buyers that refuse this information are usually tire kickers, competitors – or otherwise not serious buyers. We strongly suggest that you do not talk to others about the selling of your business, if this information gets out prior to securing a buyer, employees, competitors, and vendors start can start making other plans.

We customize a marketing plan for each listing. This includes business listing websites where active buyers are looking for potential acquisitions and direct marketing campaigns to buyers who could be interested, should they know of your business listing.

We specialize in Business Brokerage. Our clients specialize in their industries. Privately held businesses are all run very unique to their owners, who can speak to this with potential buyers.

The best answer is that the process is one step at a time. Market. Qualify. Provide Company Info. Buyer/Seller Meeting. Offer. Due Diligence. Rinse and Repeat until Closing. Of course, it is not that simple. UBG knows when to lead, when to buffer, when to listen, when to push, when to interject, when to protect and when to be quiet. We stay by your side through the whole process, up to closing.

It could take a few months; it could take over a year. Union Bay Group keeps the process moving forward and roadblocks out of the way.

Life naturally provides enough roadblocks that could stall a deal. We have led deals to closing through all sorts of obstacles that life can bring. There are so many situations where we have kept a deal together with diligence and listening without ego or posturing. We cultivate and protect the seller and buyer relationship above anything else.

No, we know that some business brokers do. If we did, we wouldn’t have much transaction experience or industry depth to offer you since business brokers don’t do as many transactions per year as our commercial real estate counterparts. 

We think it is best to partner with a commercial real estate professional if needed. To us, business brokerage and commercial real estate are two entirely different professions that require deep knowledge, skill sets, and transaction experience.

Yes, and we know that many brokers do not. We will do a fair commission split with any business broker who brings us and represents the purchasing buyer. Our primary objective is to bring listings to closing for our clients.

Please contact us for a complimentary consultation.

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Our purpose is to help you sell your business or buy a business, period. We are professional, disciplined, and focused on you and your business objectives. We meet you where you’re at. Get started by scheduling a complimentary call to talk your goals and next steps.