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Meet Jeannette Engel


Jeannette Engel is the owner of Union Bay Group. But more than that, she is an experienced business broker. She grew up in the Seattle area and has been in business here most of her adult life. She is surrounded by longtime peers, associates, clients, family, and friends.

Jeannette Engel has been a business broker since 2006 and has lived in the Seattle area for most (but not all) of her life. She bought into a business broker opportunity and became certified through the Business Brokers Network. Since then, Jeannette and the Union Bay Group have navigated countless deals to closing through diverse variables specific to each stakeholder. She has business broker experience in a large variety of industries, including professional services, hospitality, health care, fitness, moving, electrical contracting, plumbing contracting, personal services, education, franchises, auto repair, catering, retail, freight, lumber supply, technology, restaurants & pubs, industrial equipment, and marine sales and service. This brings diverse in-depth experience within industries, situations, people, economic conditions, and closings to your project.

Jeannette graduated from the University of Washington Business School in Business Administration. Her professional experience began working for a west coast retail store camera store chain of 125+ stores for 14 years, ending as Sales and Marketing Manager and working with both the corporate and franchise divisions. In her next career move, Jeannette transitioned to outside sales working in the telecom industry for 8 years. The telecom “bust” led to co-founding of a corporate lunch delivery company. Jeannette headed up the marketing, technology, and operations. After 4 years, the partners had diverse goals, so they decided to sell the company. They sold to an employee (not knowing business brokers existed) because they were not comfortable with approaching their competitors with their financials, recipes, and customer list for a potential sale. This led to Jeannette’s passion to become a business broker, so she bought into a business broker opportunity, and the rest is history.

She knows what it is like to start, manage and sell a business, as well as the value of buying into a successful process and future revenue stream. Now Union Bay Group is part of the Brokers Network Group – experienced business brokers nationally networked across the United States with advisory counsel in Texas.

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