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Why Union Bay Group


The Union Bay Group is here to list your business for sale and then get it sold.  We can also help you find a business to buy and then help you buy it.

Since 2006, Union Bay Group has navigated countless deals to closing through diverse variables specific to each stakeholder. We have worked in a larger variety of industries including professional services, hospitality, health care, fitness, moving, electrical contracting, plumbing contracting, personal services, education, franchises, auto repair, catering, retail, freight, lumber supply, technology, restaurants & pubs, industrial equipment, and marine sales and service. This brings diverse in-depth experience within industries, situations, people, economic conditions, and closings to your project.

You may be keenly aware of this: privately held businesses are all run uniquely, each reflecting the individuality of each business owner. Sellers are always the expert in their business within their industry and we specialize in our profession and process.

We specialize in confidential marketing, qualifying buyers, protecting the buyer-seller relationship, keeping things moving through the process, offers and due diligence to closing. We work with all the different professionals and their priorities (sell/buy side attorneys, CPA's, lenders, bookkeepers, landlords, advisors, vendors, franchisors, co-brokers, etc.). We buffer reactions to ensure the best responses are presented. We know our job is to move things to the next step and that the most important people in the room are the seller and the buyer.

Union Bay Group is part of the Brokers Network Group – experienced business brokers nationally networked across the United States with advisory counsel in Texas.  We do everything we can to get you the big closing check or the keys to your new business acquisition. This is when you go on to do whatever it is you want to do next!

Let’s schedule a call.

Our purpose is to help you sell your business or buy a business, period. We are professional, disciplined, and focused on you and your business objectives. We meet you where you’re at. Get started by scheduling a complimentary call to talk your goals and next steps.